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Pesca Cisne S.A.
Phone:+56 (61) 214731
Fax:+56 61 221 2432
Avda. Miramar s/n, Barrio Industrial, Sitio 32-A - Punta Arenas - Chile
Founded in 1989 in Punta Arenas, Chile. For more than two decades we have contributed to the creation of the Chilean Merluza Austral brand, exporting uninterruptedly to the main markets of the world:...
Pesca Companhia Trade show - Exhibition
Phone:+55 (11) 3842-8440
PRO MAGNO Centro de Eventos - Av. Profa. Ida Kolb, 513 - Jardim das Laranjeiras - Sao Paulo - Brazil
Pesca Trade show, Latin America's largest fishing show, is in it's 13th edition. Featuring exhibits that comprehend fishing equipment and tourism, camping, shooting, cutlery it is Brazil's main venue ...
Pesca Fresca Ltd.
Fish meal production activity: •The plant was bought new from China, installed and officially opened in  October 2010 •Markets: Namibia, South Africa and the East...
Pesca Responsable - Perú Pesquero y Acuícola - Revista
Phone:+51 222 1212
Fax:+51 221 1212
Calle Lord Cochrane # 451 Casa 6 – Miraflores - Lima - Peru
Magasine Perú Pesquero y Acuícola (former Pesca Responable) Features: Format: A4 (20.5 X 27.5 cms) presentation: 44 pages on average. Matte coated paper 200...
Pesca y Salazones del Suroeste S.A. (PESASUR)
Phone:+34 959 321 075
Fax:+34 959 320 876
Poligono Industrial - Calle Ribera del Guadiana Par 2/3 - Apartado 55 - Ayamonte - Spain
Pesasur brand is internationally known for its excellent quality, true to its tradition. Recently, the brand image has been completely updated with lithography in the metallic color range and differen...
Pescacial, S.L.
Phone:+34 95 577 60 05
Casa Alta, Poblado de Alfonso XIII - Isla Mayor - Spain
Though its young creation, the company PESCACIAL S.L. is a product of the long experience of their pioneering associates in the sector. Our facilities are located in Isla Mayor (Seville), locality of...
Pescador Holdings
Phone:+1 212 974 0111
1350 Avenue of the Americas, 29th floor - New York - United States
February 15, 2017 - Zoma Capital and Encourage Capital today announced the launch of the first-ever sustainable seafood investment holding company, Pescador Holdings. As its initial commitment, the co...
Pescados Airoa SL
Phone:+34 981-874272
Fax:+34 981-876318
Puerto Pesquero - Ribeira - A Coruña - Spain
We are a company devoted to the commercialization and distribution of FRESH FISH and located at the Port RIBEIRA in the heart of RIA DE AROUSA, part of the RIAS BAIXAS in GALICIA, in the northwest of ...
Pescados Bereciartua S.L.
Phone:+34 637 885 157
Polígono Industrial Talaia, 5 - Oiartzun - Spain
Pescados Bereciartua S.L. began its activity more than 40 years ago with a clear commitment to fresh and high quality fish. We work with all kinds of fresh fish species, being specialized in fish mar...
Pescados Mariscos Galicia - tienda online
Phone:+34 986 446 447
Puerto Pesquero - Relleno Norte Darsena 3 - Parcela A - 1 - Vigo - Spain
In López Novoa, we are dedicated 35 years in the distribution of fresh and live seafood quality . Currently our facilities are at the forefront of technology in order to ensure greater quality ...
PescaFresh - Ace Seafood Bazaar Pvt Ltd, - Sawant Fisheries
Phone:+91 22-6666 9999
Fax:+91 22-23516328
Unit No. 145, A To Z Industries, Lower Parel (West) - Mumbai - India
Ace Seafood Bazaar Pvt Ltd, commonly known by the brand "Pescafresh" is India's 1st Organized Seafood Distribution and Retailing Company which has ushered a unique concept of delivery of 100...
PescaInde Pvt Ltd
Phone:+91 484-231 5127
Fax:+91 484-231 3987
G-130, 1st Floor, Panampilly Nagar - Cochin - India
Founded in 1996, Pescainde has been offering the finest quality seafood to the world market for almost a quarter century now. The operations of the company are benchmarked against the highest global s...
PESCALBA - Empresa Mixta Socialista Pesquera Industrial del Alba S.A.
Phone:+58 0212-5090347
MPPAT Av Urdaneta entre Esquina Platanal a Candilito - Caracas - Venezuela
Created on May 7, 2008, according to the publication in G.O. No. 38,925 of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Its aim is to promote the model of socialist production in the fisheries to ensure the ...
Pescamar Ltd.
Phone:+258 2332 4496
Largo Manuel Antonio de Souza Nº 6 - Beira - Mozambique
Pescamar takes an active part in fishing research in Mozambique. Every year it puts one outrigger trawler at the disposal of the IIP (Fisheries Research Institute) for them to undertake a resear...
Pescanova España, S.L.U.Centro Industrial Porriño (former Frinova S.A.)
Phone:+34 986 331 401
Fax:+34 986 332 755
Poligono Industrial Gándaras de Budiño,Parc.9 - Porriño - Spain
Pescanova España,S.L.U.  Centro Industrial Porriño, is part of the Pescanova Group and is located in Porriño (Pontevedra). The business premises cover an area of approxi...
Pescanova Portugal Lda. (former Productos Alimentares Lda.)
Phone:+351 21 302 5800
Fax:+351 21 302 5801
AV. Da Republica, Nº 1-B-4º - Alges - Portugal
The Nueva Pescanova Group is a Spanish company specialized in the fishingm, farming, processing and commercialization of seafood products, present in in 27 countries on four continents, with more than...
Pescanova, S.L. (Old Pescanova)
Phone:+34 638702043
Rúa José Fernández López. s/n - Chapela Redondela - Spain
Pescanova SA is no longer the owner of the seafood company of the same name, as it happened when it stopped listing in 2013, but a holding company whose main asset is 1.6% capital of the fishing Group...
Pescapuerta S.A. - Group Headquarters
Phone:+34 986 292 550
Fax:+34 986 206 670
Av. García Barbón, 109 - 7º. - Vigo - Spain
It all started with a small wooden boat and the whole illusion. At present, we are one of the major fishing groups. We know the seas and fish in the best fishing grounds in the Atlantic Ocean. We have...
Pescapuerta Trade
Phone:+34 986 292 550
Avda. García Barbón 109, 4ª planta - Vigo - Spain
Pescapuerta Trade was born in 2017 to respond to the need of the holding to market and distribute products from different origins, under the same company. To date it has products such as the mussel...
Pescave (Hijos de Emilio Ramírez, S.A.)
Phone:+34 942650906
Fax:+34 942 861678
C/ La Ronda nº 7 - Entreplanta - Castro Urdiales - Spain
Pescave (Hijos de Emilio Ramirez, SA) is a family business that was established in 1951. We are dedicated to the production of fishmeal and fish oil, and for that we have modern facilities and transpo...
Pescaviva Real, S.L.U.
Phone:+34 950 25 24 96
Playa Quitapellejos - Cuevas de Almanzora - Spain
Pesce Azzurro Cefalù Srl
Phone:+39 0921 424333
Fax:+39 0921 424556
Contrada Presidiana - Cefalú - Italy
In the 50s Francesco Serio founded the company bearing his name for the processing and storage of salted anchovies. In 1979, to respond to new market demands and expansion, along with Rosario Cascio, ...
Pesciro, S.L.U.
Phone:+34 986 436 625
Fax:+34 986 453 553
Av. de Beiramar 23, 3º - Vigo - Spain
PESCIRO is a Spanish company located in the city of Vigo dedicated to the import and export of frozen seafood worldwide. Has over 20 years experience in the fishing industry, serving industrial and wh...
Pescnortmar - Pescnort Mar S.L.
Phone:+34 963 67 75 54
Fax:+34 963 67 09 11
Camí de l’Alter s/n - Albal - Spain
We are a company that sells a wide variety of fresh fish products, frozen and processed. Our shopping center in Valencia, strategic point to operate throughout the Spanish Levante coast but also are p...
Pesdemar S.A
Phone:+593 0 968 488 382
Barrio Maria Auxiliadora I. AV. 209 y Calle 301 - Manta - Ecuador
PESDEMAR SA is an Ecuadorian company specializing in the marketing of seafood, faithful to our quality policy we focus on not neglect a single detail in the selection of raw materials, which allows us...
Pespesca, S.A.
Phone:+593 52 310810
Fax:+593 52 310812
Km 1 ½, Vía a Guayaquil - Entrada al sitio Los Bajos - Montecristi - Manabí - Ecuador
The Company has a modern fleet of fishing vessels, which comply with international standards and different safety controls, that guarantee the obtaining of quality raw material. PESPESCA S.A., thank...
Pesqueira Pioneira da Costa Fishing Co.
Phone:+55 47 3369-7900
Avenida Governador Celso Ramos, 855 - Porto Belo - Brazil
Pioneira da Costa Fishing Co. was founded by businessman Arlindo Isaac da Costa, who, still very young, began his career in fishing activity. His dynamic and enterprising spirit turned a dream into re...
Pesquera Bahia Coronel S.A.
Phone:+56 41 446 300
Fax:+56 41 271 1688
Pedro Aguirre Cerda 639 - Coronel - Chile
Pesquera Bahia Coronel, SA, a Chilean company dedicated to the capture and processing of fish for processing and marketing of flour, oil and frozen fish of high quality, business ownership widely know...
Pesquera Centinela S.A.C.
Phone:+51 1 422-0123
Fax:+51 1 422-0179
Carbono Nº 151 - Urb. La Grimanesa - Lince - Peru
The Romero Group is relatively new player in the business as fishing, then venturing into the sector during 2008. The orientation of this group, as reiterated on many occasions Dionisio Romero Pa...
Pesquera Coquimbo Andrés García Pérez -Company Send to Debt Collector-
Phone:+56 51494914
Codigo Postal 562 - Santiago - Chile
Me encargo de las ventas de la Pesquera Villa Alegre que tiene planta en coquimbo y Persquera Coquimbo es mi razon sociel con cual trabajo en las sesorias acuicolas y de venta de productos pesquero...
Pesquera Diamante S.A.
Phone:+51 1 513 2000
Calle Amador Merino Reyna 307 - San Isidro - Peru
Pesquera Diamante S.A., leading company in the fishing sector and one of the largest in this field in Peru, supplies the world with fishmeal and fish oil meeting the highest standards in terms of qual...
Pesquera Fiordo Austral S.A.
Phone:+56 (65) 267 000
Bernardino 1990, Parque San Andres, Cardonal - Puerto Montt - Chile
The company Fiordo Austral  born from the merger of Pesquera Pacific Star with Salmonoil, to which are added other smaller companies. This holding arose because after the appearance of the the vi...
Pesquera Isla Del Rey
Phone:+56 63282171
Fax:+56 63282176
Los Condestables 390 - Niebla - Chile
Isla del Rey, “King’s Island”, a leader in the Chilean fishing industry, is located in one of the most picturesque areas of the South Pacific Coast. Given the extraordinary geograp...
Pesquera Itata S.A.
Phone:+56 2 782 5400
Fax:+56 2 231 0973
Av. Presidente Riesco 5711 - Office 1201 - Las Condes - Chile
Pesquera Itata S.A. (Public, SCL:ITATA) is a Chile-based company active in the fishing and food processing sectors. The Company operates three fish meal and fish oil production plants located in the V...
Pesquera Mendez Javega S.A.
Phone:+54 11 4912 0400
Agaces 144, - Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina
Pesquera Transantartic Ltda.
Phone:+56 2 595 8600
Fax:+56 2 2310114
Santa Adela 10301 - Santiago - Chile
Jealsa Rianxeira close the purchase, in 2004, of Robinson Crusoe , the first Chilean producer of canned seafood . Thus, the group chaired by Jesus Alonso Fernández takes a step in the race ...
Pesquera Velebit S.A.
Phone:+51 4215396
Av. Canaval Y Moreyra Nro. 340 Int. 501 Urb. Corpac - San Isidro - Peru
This company is in LOW OFFICE status the last time it was reviewed in SUNAT...
Pesquera Villa Alegre S.A
Phone:+56 51 54 68 81
Fax:+56 51 54 68 85
Los Talleres 1955, Barrio Industrial - Coquimbo - Chile
Pesquera Villa Alegre SA is a fishery company founded in 2008.  Our company has 20 years of experience in the fishery business from 1991 as Artic S.A and later as Intermark Ltda. We focus on dev...
Pesquerias Belnova S.A.
Phone:+598 2 9021717
Fax:+598 2 9084320
Plaza Independencia 831, Oficina 403 - Montevideo - Uruguay
Belnova is a Uruguayan fishing company with more than 40 years of history. It is focussed on producing seafrozen fish, providing products such as: Argentinian Hake (HGT), Blackbelly Rosefish, Squid, B...
Petcurean - PPN Limited Partnership’s
Phone:+1 604 824 0320
435 – 44550 South Sumas Rd. - Chilliwack - Canada
At Petcurean, we create premium quality, nutrient-rich food that’s right for pets, to help our dogs and cats get the most out of their lives with us. We always have, since day one when two good ...
Peter & J Johnstone Limited
Phone:+44 1224 594 371
Fax:+44 1224 210 267
184 Albert Quay, P.O. Box 172 - Aberdeen - United Kingdom
Peter & J. Johnstone Limited is one of Scotland's leading fish selling and fishing vessel management companies servicing a large fleet of modern demersal and pelagic vessels. From its offices in Aberd...
Peter Henningsen S.A.C.
Phone:+51 1 7178686
Fax:+51 1 7178686
Av. Del Pinar 152, Of. 405, Chacarilla del Estanque - Surco - Lima - Peru
Peter Henningsen S.A.C. is a family business founded in 1980 and today is run by Peter Henningsen Maschke, Peter Henningsen Viale and Barbara Henningsen Viale. We represent leading companies worldwid...
Peter Mattfeld und Sohn GmbH - Cash & Carry
Phone:+49 40 43 205 - 0
Fax:+49 40 43 20 53 08
Lagerstraße 17 - Hamburg - Germany
In 1950  Peter Mattfeld founded the company "Peter Mattfeld & Sohn" with a small meat agency at the Hamburg Meat Market. A farsighted manager in his time, he responded to the growi...
Peter Pan Seafoods Inc.
Phone:+1 206 728 6000
Fax:+1 206 441 9090
The Tenth Floor, 2200 Sixth Avenue - Seattle - United States
Peter Pan Seafoods, Inc. produces and sells frozen, canned, and fresh seafood products. The company focuses on catching, harvesting, processing, and marketing salmon, halibut, pollock, cod, and crab f...
Peter Stette AS
Phone:+47 70 24 47 10
Fax:+47 70 24 47 11
Stette Industriområde - Skodje - Norway
Peter Stette AS is a manufacturing company with a history back to 1929. We are situated about 30 km from Ålesund, the fishing capital of Norway. Since the 1970’s we have been a supplier fo...
Peter Taboada, S.L.
Phone:+34 986 226 622
Fax:+34 986 223 570
Millarada 68, - Vilar de Infesta, Redondela - Spain
PETER TABOADA since 1980 is specialiced in the design, manufacturing and marketing with its own technology of water treatment and purification systems for the marine, industrial, pharmaceutic-hospital...
Peterhead and Fraserburgh Fish Processors Association
Phone:+44 07710 182048
7 Scotstown Crescent - Peterhead - United Kingdom
Peterhead & Fraserburgh Fish Processors Association (PFFPA) was established in 1981; currently there are approximately 40 members in the Association. The majority of members are small processors e...
Peterson Group Headquarters - Peterson Den Helder B.V.
Phone:+31 223 685100
Fax:+31 223 685135
Paleiskade 41 - Den Helder - Netherlands
Peterson operates in many different industries. From agriculture to coal and minerals and from oil and gas to biofuels and biomass, together we are One Peterson. We offer three core activities, namely...
Petit Navire - Paul Paulete SAS
Phone:+33 2 98 74 40 00
Fax:+33 2 98 92 03 03
Zone Industrielle de Pouldavid - Douarnenez - France
In 1932, Paul-Edouard Paulet launched the Petit Navire brand. Petit Navire has established itself over the last 75 years as a part of everyday life for the French people, demonstrating over 90% awaren...
Petrel Engineering (Pty) Ltd.
Phone:+27 215 342 451
Fax:+27 21 534 6039
6 Dacres Avenue, Epping Industria 2 - EPPINDUST - South Africa
PETREL, based in Cape Town, South Africa, was founded in 1947 and is recognised globally as a leading manufacturer and supplier of deck equipment to the fishing and shipping industries, as well as...

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VNIRO scientists will study stocks of pollock and crabs in the Sea of ​​Japan
Russia Fed. A new scientific expedition launched in the Far East The VNIRO esearch vessel “Zodiac” left the port of Vladivostok on April 1 to conduct comprehensive research in the Sea of ​​Japan and ...
VARD signs contract with P/F Akraberg to build innovative trawler
Norway VARD, Fincantieri’s subsidiary and one of the major global designers and shipbuilders of specialized vessels, signed an important contract for the design and construction of a sophisticated unit...
IPNLF welcomes Camerican International
United Kingdom The global food sourcing company furthers its commitment to providing US consumers with sustainable tuna by becoming a Member of the International Pole & Line Foundation Camerican International, ...
Barbados bets on tuna to boost the value of fish exports
Barbados The island’s fishing sector players and United Nations organizations draw up a plan to increase the value and sustainability of tuna exports. Barbados fishing industry representatives and Unite...
Maruha Nichiro Corporation
Nichirei Corporation - Headquarters
Pesquera El Golfo S.A.
Ventisqueros - Productos del Mar Ventisqueros S.A
Wärtsilä Corporation - Wartsila Group Headquarters
ITOCHU Corporation -Headquarter-
BAADER - Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud. Baader GmbH+Co.KG (Head Office)
Inmarsat plc - Global Headquarters
Marks & Spencer
Tesco PLC (Supermarket) - Headquarters
Sea Harvest Corporation (PTY) Ltd. - Group Headquarters
I&J - Irvin & Johnson Holding Company (Pty) Ltd.
AquaChile S.A. - Group Headquarters
Pesquera San Jose S.A.
Nutreco N.V. - Head Office
CNFC China National Fisheries Corporation - Group Headquarters
W. van der Zwan & Zn. B.V.
SMMI - Sunderland Marine Mutual Insurance Co., Ltd. - Headquarters
Icicle Seafoods, Inc
Starkist Seafood Co. - Headquearters
Trident Seafoods Corp.
American Seafoods Group LLC - Head Office
Marel - Group Headquarters
SalMar ASA - Group Headquarters
Sajo Industries Co., Ltd
Hansung Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
BIM - Irish Sea Fisheries Board (An Bord Iascaigh Mhara)
CEFAS - Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science
COPEINCA ASA - Corporacion Pesquera Inca S.A.C.
Chun Cheng Fishery Enterprise Pte Ltd.
VASEP - Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters & Producers
Gomes da Costa
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)
NISSUI - Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. - Group Headquarters
FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization - Fisheries and Aquaculture Department (Headquarter)
Hagoromo Foods Co., Ltd.
Koden Electronics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters)
A.P. Møller - Maersk A/S - Headquarters
BVQI - Bureau Veritas Quality International (Head Office)
UPS - United Parcel Service, Inc. - Headquarters
Brim ehf (formerly HB Grandi Ltd) - Headquarters
Hamburg Süd Group - (Headquearters)
Armadora Pereira S.A. - Group Headquarters
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Headquarters)
Mowi ASA (formerly Marine Harvest ASA) - Headquarters
Marubeni Europe Plc -UK-
Findus Ltd
Icom Inc. (Headquarter)
WWF Centroamerica
Oceana Group Limited
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Ajinomoto Co., Inc. - Headquarters
Friosur S.A. - Headquarters
Cargill, Incorporated - Global Headquarters
Benihana Inc.
Leardini Pescados Ltda
CJ Corporation  - Group Headquarters
Greenpeace International - The Netherlands | Headquarters
David Suzuki Foundation
Fisheries and Oceans Canada -Communications Branch-
Mitsui & Co.,Ltd - Headquarters
NOREBO Group (former Ocean Trawlers Group)
Natori Co., Ltd.
Carrefour Supermarket - Headquarters
FedEx Corporation - Headquarters
Cooke Inc. - Group Headquarters
AKBM - Aker BioMarine ASA
Seafood Choices Alliance -Headquarter-
Austevoll Seafood ASA
Walmart | Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Supermarket) - Headquarters
New Japan Radio Co.Ltd (JRC) -Head Office-
Gulfstream JSC
Marine Stewardship Council - MSC Worldwide Headquarters
Royal Dutch Shell plc (Headquarter)
Genki Sushi Co.,Ltd -Headquarter-
Iceland Pelagic ehf
AXA Assistance Argentina S.A.
Caterpillar Inc. - Headquarters
Tiger Brands Limited
National Geographic Society
AmazonFresh, LLC - AmazonFresh

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